Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 examples of Technology convergence

1. MUSIC PLAYERS - Ever since music was invented everyone from all cultures and parts of the world have wanted it in their life in as many way shapes and forms as possible. The convertable music player has gone from a cassette tape player to an ipod touch screen holding thousands of songs.

The television has been one of the most successful methods of entertainment ever made. Starting out old fashioned with black and white viewing, it has now technologically converged in to high definition LCD colour, flat screen with the monitors being made so thin that it can fit on a ledge or be hung on a wall like a picture frame.

Communicating with one another is essential in one's everyday life. With the invention of the telephone came the expansion of social interaction. The telephone has emerged from an old fashion hand held ear piece and winding, to a modern handset with the simple click of a button and dialing numbers to connect to someone.

The computer has merged from an old fashioned type writer in to a modern day monitor, maintaining the same keyboard set out. This is due to the fact that when the type writer was invited, it was figured out that the most frequently used letters had to be spread out to prevent the type writer from jamming. Therefore inventors came up with the 'QWERTY' style keyboard and it has remained ever since.

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